Movie Mondays: Remember Sunday

Movie Mondays: Remember Sunday

I love a good Hallmark movie. Especially when I am just having one of those days where my mind is overloaded with thoughts and I just want to escape to a place filled with hopes, dreams and the right amount of sentimentality that has a way of reigniting your own. That is what this movie was for me. Yesterday I was battling with myself regarding the choices I have made, the ones I'm making and the plethora of ones I have to- for lack of a better word- choose from in the future. I play this exhausting game almost everyday but yesterday it kind of wiped me out. So, I did what any sane person would do in such a situation- I armed myself with good food (fajitas), a cuppa (lemon & ginger tea is da ish!), my comfy bed (with freshly washed bedding) and a film:

Remember Sunday

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