Movie Mondays: 12 Years A Slave

Movie Mondays: 12 Years A Slave

I think for the most part, I was just in utter shock when I watched this movie. The images were so vivid-moving from well lit scenes that were contrasted by the horror that was happening within them to poorly light scenes that only seemed to intensify the emotions of the characters. It is such a great movie! At one point I just couldn't handle it any more and let the tears flow but I could not unsee what I had seen or unhear what I had heard or stop myself imagining what I'd do if I was in the shoes of Solomon or Patsey. And oh, did I mention I saw this film at 11.30 pm? Talk about ways to ruin your chances of having a good night's sleep. But I did not expect anything less as it is after all a Steve McQueen film.

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