Mothers who have abortions - the last taboo

Mothers who have abortions - the last taboo

One in three women will have had an abortion by the age of 45 in the UK (Department of Health) but there is still the stereotype; abortion is something a young woman in a short-term relationship chooses if the morning-after pill fails. You know, it's "not the right time". Maybe for negative reasons, maybe for positive ones. A teenager, a student, someone without the support or financial security to go ahead with a pregnancy. Or a woman who wants to pursue her career or travel or study. Essentially a woman, who is not a mother already, making a decision about an unknown quantity; how motherhood will transform her life.

In fact, statistics released by the Department of Heath this week report that two thirds of the abortions carried out in the UK in 2013 were for women in long-term relationships and 53% of women who had abortions were already mothers. This seems to have caused widespread dismay, with right wing politicians and papers suggesting that abortion is becoming a "lifestyle choice", an alternative to contraception. Aren't mothers supposed to be responsible? What are they doing getting accidentally knocked up anyway?

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