Mother’s Day treat at SoSPA, Sofitel London St James

Mother’s Day treat at SoSPA, Sofitel London St James

It’s easy to get swept along in the tornado of tedium that is parenting. Make lunch; calm tantrum. Unload washing. Clear up spill; make snack. Unload washing. Fetch glue, paper and safety scissors for crafting session; intervene in squabble. Unload washing. Put plaster on grazed knee. Unload washing….

In the midst of one of these tornadoes, I was invited by Sofitel London St James to experience a Mothers’ Day destination package at SoSPA, their tranquil retreat just a stone’s throw away from the hustle and bustle of Piccadilly.

SoSPA is set over three floors in what used to be the Nigerian embassy. It still retains the building’s original features

For the Mothers Day package, there was a choice of two Cinq Mondes ‘rituals': a relaxing North African massage (‘from Atlas, Morocco’) or an energising Indian ayurvedic massage (‘from Java, Indonesia’).

My own early Mothers Day treat was the ayurvedic massage. Taking time out to unwind and get rid of all those knots and tensions is all very well, but I needed plenty of energy to go back into the fray.

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