Mother's Day - the where's and when...

Mother's Day - the where's and when...

Mother's Day is a always little problematic in our household...Mummy doesn't seem to care too much about it (but me and the girls do!) and then there's the tricky business of when it actually is. I vote for March as I'm English, but Mummy (who's Dutch) might prefer May when it's celebrated in Holland.

Who should have the casting vote? Is Mother's Day all about Mummy, or is it about the people who are expressing how much Mummy means to them?

And then there's the tricky issue of gifts. Dutch pragmatism would suggest (a) gifts aren't necessary, or (b) if a gift must be give, then it needs to be practical.

I've always favoured personal gifts (both in giving and receiving). Will Mummy feel the same way?

Just what (and when) is a Dad to do??!!

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