Mother’s Day After Loss – A letter to my Mother

Whether you have lost your Mother, your child, or both, then Mother’s Day can stir up all manner of emotions. I wish I could say that it will just be a sad day, a day to allow yourself to cry – but grief isn’t that straight forward. I would like to be able to promise that it gets easier, but I am finding that the pain never goes away. I try hard to remember the happy memories but all I can think about is her death. I was not ready to let her go, she was too young. Then I think back to all her Mother’s days, the ones where I did not show her enough that I care. The Mother with the broken heart and the painted smile. How did she get by knowing that her son had gone too soon. Her first born. Her son. Her 6 year old. I have often heard that writing a letter will help, so her goes;

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