Mothers Day »

Mothers Day… A day to celebrate all mums everywhere…

A day I find super challenging

One that I am gut wrenching sad about

And one I am so grateful about

A day where I celebrate my boys

But where I just want to curl up and cry because I don’t have

Can’t have

Won’t ever have my baby girl

Baba gets so excited about Mothers Day and I try to join him

But I am all to aware that I don’t have all my children

And it is even more noticeable on Mothers Day

But I can’t let the boys suffer and I don’t

I try to enjoy it, I love their presents and I generally do

And I make it completely about them

And Mr L is fab as he tries to include all of the children

Letting me order some jewellery with all their names on

But until the end of time

Mother’s Day will always be wrong

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