Mothers Are All Slightly Insane

Mothers Are All Slightly Insane

This week has been tiring. Two days in the company of daughter Sophia have worn me to a frazzle and it seems that I have forgotten how tiring kids can be at any age.

This is what happened...

Meeting my daughter at the coach station, I was immediately told off for extracting hugs when there was nothing she could do to escape. As I hadn't seen Sophia for five weeks, these protests were ignored. We spent the entire afternoon shopping (and OMG my daughter can shop), before checking into a hotel.

As a birthday treat, Sophia took me to the cinema. I may have accidentally fallen asleep during 'The Lego Movie' and if I don't get the song 'Everything Is Awesome' out of my head very soon I may have to seek professional help. For those of you who haven't had the pleasure, here's a link...

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