Motherhood Can Be Pretty Scary!

Hi People! Don't you just love the smell of a new beginning! I love empty page, because I can smear the clean page with my choice of words. Buahahhha. Here I go popping cherry on the never been touch page! What is more scary than Hantu or Halloween?

I tell you; it's MOTHERHOOD.

When I first sign up for this membership calls Motherhood, I thought the club members will accept me for who I am. Oh boy, was I wrong. The public opinions that I have to deal with (please select one) scares/amuse/angers me greatly. I can take in positively advises that doesn't cross the line. It's those kind that gets shoved down your throat is not ok. *groans* The choice to be being on stealth mode during my pregnancy really helps my sanity.

There are so much 'no-s, don'ts, you can't do that!' that I can swallow before I erupt people. Give me a break. God.

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