On the days POD doesn’t want to get dressed, morning is a rushed affair. She might hold her arms down by her sides making it difficult to get her pyjama top off, remove her clothes once they’re on or hide her shoes.

You might have to chase her too although that’s usually quite entertaining.

If she helps with getting ready, ensuring she’s at nursery for breakfast is much more relaxed. It may even involve a Costa stop-off on the way home before embarking on the working day.

Last weekend POD was brilliant. She was out of bed shortly after the alarm went off and dressed with no fuss. Although it was 6am, she was excited – we were heading to Belgium that day.

We found a great deal with Eurotunnel which involved taking the car from Folkestone to Calais – a journey that only took 25 minutes. We then drove from Calais to Bruges.

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