More than a diagnosis

I am more than a diagnosis... I am a superhero in training, my mum's best friend and the hiccup at the end of a laugh that has gone on too long.

I am the can in can't, the I in believe and I am the laughter in hope.

I am the tear of pride in the corner of mums eye.

I am the reason she worries, yet the reason she loves.

I am the wiggly bed hogger.

I am the hug you weren't expecting, the shoulder shrug and smile that stole your heart and stopped the world just for a second.

I am the non walker who street dances.

I am the child who should not talk but who sings loudest.

I am a cat lover, a lego builder and walking Marvel encyclopedia.

I am tickle fights, roast dinners and icecream from the tub!

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