More snow and a bit of Frank Spencer

Hi Week 4 of our choir rehearsals already. It’ll be Christmas before we know it – hooray!

There was a definite theme this week and we dived in with two feet. We have Randy Snow, Berlin Snow to wash your face and hands with, then we let it snow and end up dreaming of a white Christmas. If you know the word ‘snow’ you’ve probably done about 75% of the word learning. So all that’s left to master is when, where and how to sing ‘snow’, oh and the other 25% of the words.

Gary shared with us some suggested collective names for the different voice parts in the choir. There’s a grumble of basses, an absence of tenors, a whinge of altos (don’t worry I’ve already whinged about this one), and he couldn’t remember the one for the sopranos. So I would like to suggest it’s a tinkle of sopranos. It’s between a tinkle or a piddle of sopranos. I can’t decide which I like best(or even why I like them).

In the ’Let it Snow intro’ the altos get to sing the tune and to be Frank we love it

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