Monthly musing - October 2013 - Magnetic Attraction

Monthly musing - October 2013 - Magnetic Attraction

I’ve been reading recently about the Law of Attraction. Simply put, the Law states that whatever you think about, you attract into your life at some point in the future. You act as a huge magnet that turns your thoughts into reality. There are books about it, films about it - you’d think everyone would know about it. And it certainly sounds simple enough, but no doubt it’s easier said than done.

It made me think carefully about my life. Perhaps it has worked for me as I have the lovely home and family that I’ve always imagined and hoped for. I thought about other people that I know – and no doubt you know some too – who lurch from one disaster or illness to another, always complaining, always expecting the worst, and seemingly always getting it. It made me wonder whether there was something to this Law after all.

If it is true that all we need to do to turn our thoughts to reality is focus very clearly on what we want rather than what we don’t want, then the real experts are children.

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