Monthly musing - February 2014 - Say it with ... words

Monthly musing - February 2014 - Say it with ... words

Well, here’s a radical idea – what if there is no ulterior motive? What if someone said you looked nice or you were good at your job because you actually were? What if someone actually wanted to help you feel great about yourself because they understood that making you feel good made them feel good?

I’ve written about the Law of Attraction before and about how you attract what you think about most into your life. You might think compliments about someone umpteen times a day but never say anything – and why not? Because we seem to be stuck in the belief that people don’t want to hear nice things about themselves, that’s why. We feel that they would be suspicious of our praise or wave it away so we might as well not bother. We are trapped in a cycle of not complimenting in case we are dismissed, and dismissing compliments because they come so infrequently that we mistrust them. Silly, really, isn’t it?

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