Money Does Grow on Trees Campaign


Last year for the first time we attempted to start a vegetable patch. We didn’t do that well I will be honest, but Baba developed a love of garden and asked that we did it again this year. I will be honest it is something that I wanted to carry on with, I truly believe that growing our own vegetables will help us to save money on our weekly shop and it is not just me that believes it. Debt Free Directfollow also believe the same and have challenged some bloggers to grow our own vegetables and see if we save money when we harvest them later in the year.

We decided to increase our patch this year, and had already brought Baba a greenhouse, before this campaign started. To increase what we grew last year we decided that this year we would include herbs, it is something that we do buy but never have any to hand and it is something I have always wanted a thriving herb garden.

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