Monday Lust List – Vintage Board Games

Monday Lust List – Vintage Board Games

With all the rain that has been bestowed upon us here in the UK at the moment, it definitely means that many of us are not venturing out much and preferring to stay at home in the warm. We all seem to go into hibernation mode at this time of year.

However, yesterday I did brave the wind and the rain to join some friends for a celebratory birthday lunch and we ended up playing a great game called Telestrations. It’s kind of similar to Chinese Whispers but with drawings. Trying to guess what people have drawn and passing it on can really produce some hilarious moments as we discovered (mutant camels amongst other things!).

It got me to thinking about ‘old school’ board games that are still going strong today and goes to prove that board games aren’t just for Christmas, they can help us through a dull rainy January too!

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