Momster Report

Momster Report

Its been a week now that I am childless - now now, before you judge me, just read first.

Well my 2nd one is now spending his pre-school holiday holiday, on a holiday with his grandparents in Malaysia.

He is 5 and still in kindy but he's entitled to still have fun, well in my context that it.

The other is with his dad spending quality time.

I try not to deprive my children from childhood - Childhood deprivation is also called pre-mature aging, again in my context.

Motherhood only scares me when I think about their future and education. After being one for 12 years, I learned and unlearn many things along the way.

Like some advises becomes obsolete after a while, some advises are irrelevant and some "advisors" just need a punch on their faces.

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