Momofuku Milk Bar, New York

Momofuku Milk Bar, New York

New York winter mornings are the best. We had some beautiful weather, albeit perishingly cold at times. The sun is bright, the wind is brisk and the skies are clear. Really puts you in the mood for some Crack Pie... 

Momofuku Milk Bar has been on my to do list for a very long time indeed. Famed for their Crack Pie and Cereal Milk, they seemed the obvious breakfast choice on our first morning in the Big Apple. You may think this behaviour is ridiculous, but I assure this is common practice in our household. I don't have that reflex which tells normal people what is suitable for specific times of day - I had curry for breakfast in Mauritius... 

Momofuku Milk Bar is a bit like walking into any other coffee shop, but a closer look at the menu reveals a variety of unusual options and a rather cheeky sense of humour.

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