Mixing Play-doh colours, oh the horror!

Mixing Play-doh colours, oh the horror!

If you are looking for a way to keep your children entertained for hours, you have found your activity, play-doh.

Children love it, and can spend full afternoons rolling, and squeezing, and cutting and moulding the stuff.

That smell, when you pop open a tub for the first time, it's like the smell of being 5.

So, I opened up a tub, had a quick squeeze to determine that yes, it still feels the same as it did 20 years ago (I don't know what kind of doh evolution I was expecting!), and then set it out on the mat and gave the kids some tools to create to their hearts content.

Things were great, the kids were having fun, I was having fun, and then something happened. Caitlin opened another tub, and as she put the two colours next to each other I started to sweat, my toes started to curl, my brain was screaming "don't do it", and without realising I reached across and snatched the second colour from my daughters hand. Poor Caitlin looked up at me, a little shocked, and I calmly replied "one colour at a time please pet".

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