Mixed Media Painting

Mixed Media Painting

Recently i have been buying lots of art/creative books for uni. The books ive bought i have seen at uni through the library or my tutors or seen in the Tate gallery. My Amazon wishlist has been lengthy for quite some time.

One book i bought is called Collage, Colour and Texture in Painting , i may have mentioned it before. The book has some step by step images of how Mike Bernard creates his mixed media pieces and i felt inspired to make my own.

Last week (i think), we had some heavy rain and thunder. As i live in a cottage its quite dark during the day but when this storm approached it was very dark considering its supposed to be summer here in Cornwall. I wanted to capture this passing storm and decided to try out some mixed media work in my sketchbook. 

I used old book pages, tissue paper, acrylic paint, charcoal and the end of a paint tube to scratch the surface.

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