Missy Moo’s Room Tour

Missy Moo’s Room Tour

Welcome to Missy Moo’s oasis, a place to show off her personality and relax.

When it came time to do a nursery for Missy Moo, at first I struggled to picture what I wanted it to look like. I think bedrooms should reflect personality but I had yet to meet my princess so I went off her pre-birth personality. She never stopped in my belly, kicking, punching, rolling, hiccuping, it was continuous which made me think she would be a go-doer, like birds. Beautiful little creatures that spread their wings and fly independently from their nest. I couldn’t have been more right!

I love neutral colors with a loud pop. Most of my house is in some shade of cream and always accented with one bright color. Bright raspberry was my wedding color so I have always been in love with bright pink. I painted one wall bright raspberry and the rest a latte cream. I prefer dark pink to pastel pink for Missy Moo, even her stroller is this raspberry color.

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