Miss E at 2 and a half

Miss E at 2 and a half First of all I will say what all parents say about their growing children.. I can’t believe where the time has gone or how she got so big! Cliche but some thing that resonates with us all. I really feel that at 2 and a half years old Miss E is changing into a little girl and losing some of that toddler-ness. She will always correct me when I refer to her as the baby, ‘No, I not a baby mummy, I a big girl’! But she will always be my baby, as will her older sister Noo.

She is OBSESSED with Monster’s Inc at the moment and has to stop at this poster on our school run route and will always point out ‘Mi- kakowskii’ and Sully, I think she may implode when we take them to see Monsters University!

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