Minority Rules In Schools - My First Rant

Minority Rules In Schools - My First Rant

I'm not really one for ranting, I hate any form of confrontation and I would do anything to avoid an argument but there are some things that just get under my skin. Like for example an email that we got through from school last week telling us all off because one child went into school with peanut butter in their sandwich. Apparently this is not allowed because there is one child in the whole school that has a nut allergy. Now before you start shouting at me about how serious nut allergies are I do already know. I know that some people only have to be in the same room as a nut and they can die, which is of cause very serious, I'm not questioning that, what I am questioning is why do all the other children have to elliminate a food product from their diet because of it?

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