Mini Vanilla Doughnuts

Mini Vanilla Doughnuts Right, it’s confession time…

I’m an addict! I can’t walk past a bake or cookware shop without buying something. The more unusual the better, and if it’s shiny, it’s in my shopping basket quicker than you can say ‘do you really need it?’.

To be honest, there’s really no point asking me that because it will always be ‘Yes’ and if you ask me ‘why?’ I’ll be able to find an excuse…

So when I was waiting to meet a friend, in Cheltenham Lakeland, as you do, it was the pretty array of silicone bakeware that caught my eye. I’m not a huge fan of silicone, I just don’t get one with it, but it was the mini doughnut mould that took my fancy. I’m a sucker for mini food, I suppose I don’t feel as guilty when I eat a mini doughnut, rather than a full-sized Krispy Kreme. Alas the downside is that they go down too quickly and I probably end up eating more of them, than if I’d eaten a full-sized one… oops!

And just quickly, is it doughnut or donut? What’s the difference? Is there one?

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