Mini Jammy Bundt Tarts

Mini Jammy Bundt Tarts These little tarts are a wee bit cheeky. The tin is a Nordic Ware petit fours style bundt pan, but I had other plans... I really liked the idea of using it for something other than cake. The enamel surface would be perfect for crisping up pastry, avoiding the dreaded soggy bottom.

They are perfect for making with children, but I quite liked the thought of a retro petit four. Who needs a dense truffle when you could have one of these cheeky mothers? They are light, crisp and deliciously sweet. What's even better, is they are quick, easy, and can be made from pastry scraps and a bit of store cupboard jam. I couldn't choose, so did four different types; blackcurrent, raspberry, rhubarb and ginger and lemon curd.

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