Mini Hama bead projects

Mini Hama bead projects

I've really been enjoying my mini Hama beads lately. I blogged before about my mini Hama bead Christmas decorations, and for Christmas I was lucky enough to receive a big pack of the tiny beads and an inspiration book. The inspiration book is very helpful, because I've found that unlike the midi beads there aren't a lot of ideas out there online for the mini beads. They are obviously not so popular, or perhaps not so widely known about.

The mini beads are about a third of the size of the standard midi beads. You can also buy maxi beads which are very big and aimed at younger children, although mine have just gone straight onto the midi beads. They really are tiny, the only way to place them onto the pegboard is by using tweezers, and they can be a bit fiddly and susceptible to jolting out of position. Definitely one for older children and adults, the suggested age range is 10+.

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