Mini Cannoli in WonTon Shells - A Mother Thing

Mini Cannoli in WonTon Shells - A Mother Thing

The hardest part about making cannoli (which, in my humble opinion is the food of the gods!) is getting that crispy outer shell. It involves making the dough, using a pasta machine to flatten it out to paper thing and wrapping around a cannoli form to deep fry. It’s a LOT of work. So I thought up (and then looked it up online and realized I am definitely NOT the first one!) a new trick to make it easier – mini cannolis in a wonton shell!

Yep. The little wonton wrappers that you can buy are the perfect size and consistency to make perfect little cannolis. And there’s no need to fry them (unless you want to!), as you can bake them in the oven! WOO!

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