Mini Calzone Nibbles

Mini Calzone Nibbles

These mini Calzone are simple enough that children can make their own batch and you could add some spice to yours.


I tin ready to roll pizza dough (Available in the chilled section in most supermarkets.) pizza sauce (You can buy this ready made in a jar or mix your own with tomato paste, passata, basil and oregano.) grated mozzarella filling optional - I used chopped sliced chorizo and prosciutto, but you could add a fresh cranberry for an even more festive taste. Pre heat your oven to 180 degrees/Gas Mark 4.

Open your pizza dough tin according to the instructions.

Roll out and using a cookie cutter (approximately 3 inch diameter) cut out your circles ready to fill and fold.

Drip one dollop of pizza sauce into the middle, add a pinch of the filling of your choice and another pinch of cheese.

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