Mini Bakewell Cheesecakes

Mini Bakewell Cheesecakes Onto a different lab now - the kitchen! For quite some time now I've been wanting to make a baked cheesecake and then one using quark cheese. If anyone hasn't heard of quark cheese, it's this really low fat stuff that can be used as an alternative to cream cheese in cheesecakes. It has similarities to curd and cottage cheeses and fromage frais but it isn't something I'd eat on it's own or in a sandwich because it's too tangy for my tastes. I wondered how this would translate into a cheesecake but I thought it turned out really well. The raw mixture tasted really sweet and creamy as did the cooked and slightly warm stuff. (I know you're supposed to chill baked cheesecakes before eating but I couldn't wait! The longing was too strong. So hang me.)

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