Mince Pie Recipe - Christmas Comes Early

Mince Pie Recipe - Christmas Comes Early I’ll let you in to a secret… I don’t even like mince pies but over the last couple of years I seem to have made more batches of them than anything else. They’ve become a firm favourite of friends, colleagues and family alike. The recipe is so simple and requires so little effort that it baffles me a little how they can be so popular but as long as I don’t get any complaints I don’t mind! Despite it only being October I’ve had requests already and I promised that this weekend I’d make my first batch of the year.

As I don’t eat them myself I’ve never really paid much attention to the mincemeat that I use but this year I think I’ll survey opinion to see which is the best and I may even try to make my own – haven’t looked into this though so I’m not sure what’s involved. This batch uses Robertson’s.

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