Mild Madness

Mild Madness

No, I am not referring to myself although I am sure there are many who would apply the word madness to me, even without the mild. I am in fact referring to the weather. Like much of the UK we have been battered by storms this winter with plenty of wind and rain to keep up us on our toes ... or at least out looking for things that have blown away. Yet despite all the storms though the weather has actually remained very mild for the time of year. We have had hardly any frosts, no snow and, what has prompted me most to write this post, over the last 3 days I have seen 2 butterflies, a bat, several caterpillars and 9 different species of wild flowers in bloom. Today, working in the polytunnel the temperature was a very pleasant 13 degrees C and had been up to 21 degrees C sometime over the last couple of days.

Remind me of the date again. January 8th you say? Are you sure?

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