Micro Scooters: what you need to know

Pigeon Pair & Me: Micro Scooters: what you need to know

Why has travelling around on Micro Scooters become so popular?

In our neck of the woods, the run-up to 9am sees pavements teeming with little speed demons, zipping along to school next to their puffing, red-faced parents. Micro Scooter

A vision in lilac: the height of urban chic. For two-year-olds.

I like to have some balance in my review posts. But, after chatting to other Mums on the school run and during play dates, I genuinely can’t find anyone with a bad word to say about these scooters.

So what exactly is it about the t-bar bits of metal on wheels, that has made them take the pre-school world by storm?

* The new models come in funky colours, to help brighten up the school run on those grim, grey winter mornings. Gwen’s Mini is a natty lilac, which has garnered loads of admiring comments from the parents of her two-year-old peers. Other colours include vibrant orange, aqua and candy pink. Predictably, Austin chose a generic blue, but he’s the first of his tribe to graduate onto the big-boy Maxi model with the adjustable handlebar. In his world, this trumps snazzy colours.

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