Micro Scooters Balance Bike {Review}

Micro Scooters Balance Bike {Review}

Regular readers of Boo Roo and Tigger Too will know that Tigger isn’t the most adventurous little boy, from his delayed walking and concerns over one leg being shorter than the other he has a somewhat shaky start to his life. Whilst consultants feel that his cute little wobble is just him, I worry that his unsteadiness which he has slowly started to get a grab on will impact on his ability to join in with his friends.

The other week Roo finally managed to learn to ride a bike and whilst we were out at the park it was the first time that Tigger had taken his Micro Scooters Balance Bike outside of our small back yard. I worried that he wouldn't be able to manage the longer distance to the park, whilst yes he was a little unsteady he actually found it quite funny and thought it was a game wobbling all over the pathway.

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