Mexican Hot Chocolate Bundt Cake

Mexican Hot Chocolate Bundt Cake

!Ay ay ay¡ This cake is literally hot stuff!

Last year I made a sophisticated Prosecco Bubbly Bundt Cake to celebrate Cupid's favourite day of the year, so naturally had to restore the balance with something a little bit wild this year. Inspiration came from my recent trip to Wahaca in London, and some delicious chilli infused honey that I was sent by Gran Luchito.

Mexicans take something as wonderful chocolate and give it some special kind of treatment. They infuse their hot chocolate with cinnamon and chilli to make a sweet yet lively morning drink. I knew honey would be the perfect vessel for for adding chilli to a cake, as it was still quite sweet. This version is mildly smoked and packs quite a punch, so very little goes a long way.

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