Message in a bottle: A note to my boys

Message in a bottle: A note to my boys

Your gaze, deep as oceans; cyan, azure glimmers and midnight blue.

You are butterflies. I am paper thin chrysalis.

Before you I was at sea, bruised and disorientated by a tide with no moon. Then, birth and rebirth. And there was my shore. I became voice and protector, and here are my truths:

On days when the air is thick, senses collide, blood rushes, hearts pound: remember to breath. You are responsible for the ebb and flow.

On days when the earth shifts, hearts ache, souls retreat, minds wander, eyes cloud: remember to love. We love you and we are healed.

Embrace goodness, and difference, and beauty in all its forms.

Know that we believe: you are light, you are change, you are love, you are kindness.

Remember your worth, there is no measure, we are testament to that - we breathe, love, and carry our hearts outside of us, only for you.

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