Mess: snow painting

mumturnedmom: Mess: snow painting

Yet again, it’s been cold, blooming cold! Daytime highs of -10C are not conducive to spending much time outside. So, some quick and easy activities are needed to let everyone get a bit of fresh air. But, they need to take less than 15 minutes to do and enjoy! Today, we did some simple snow painting. This was extremely easy to set up! You will need: Water Food colouring Squeezy bottles I didn’t have any squeezy craft bottles, which would have probably made for less splodgy painting, so I used some kids water bottles with a sports cap. Of course, being kids bottles the caps don’t come off… so after some careful dripping of food colouring into the top of the cap (!) we had four bottles of coloured water ready to ‘paint’. I used about four or five drops of colouring in an 8oz (approx 250ml) bottle.

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