Merry Christmas from the Muzzies

Merry Christmas from the Muzzies - Expatlog The tree’s up, gifts have been bought and three homemade Christmas puddings are chilling in the cold cupboard. So far so good – this Muslim household is on track for Christmas.

“Really? You celebrate Christmas?”

Peace, love, joy, gratitude and a spirit of giving and goodwill – what’s not to get behind? I mean, think about it, are any of those against your religion? There’s nothing like travel to teach you that the Christmas you thought was a monolithic certainty in your homeland has different faces all across the world. Folks don’t even keep to the same date. Even the nativity, enacted in schools and depicted on Christmas cards, probably didn’t occur exactly as we’ve been led to believe through the centuries. Joining a widespread outpouring of diverse positivity in no way compromises my beliefs.

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