Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas

I pride myself on making Christmas magical for my children. After years of experiencing that magic I didn’t want it to disappear when I had my own children. Last year I wrote a post about it and this year I wanted to write one about how Christmas has changed over the years. I don’t mean how commercialised it is now, nor am I about to rant about how everyone wants to have the ‘best’ present. No, I’m going to talk about how Christmas has changed for me. As a child I only ever cared about what I got, which presents would be best and whether or not my sisters got more than me. I was a child and these were the kinds of things I thought about. Adolescence brought with it the terrible realisation that Santa didn’t buy all of my presents at all, my parents did, and the magic was gone. For years I didn’t enjoy Christmas, particularly in my late teens. - See more at: - See more at:

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