Mentor Link

Mentor Link

Founded in 2002 by Andrea Maddocks MBE, Mentor Link provides a mentoring service for children in the West Midlands. The charity currently has over 250 volunteer mentors and supports 360 pupils in local schools.

Mentor Link professionally recruits and trains volunteer mentors from the local community and aims to provide one-to-one support for children who may be facing difficulties and improve self-esteem, relationships and engagement in learning.

Sadly, as young people aren’t as cute as babies… as adorable as fluffy bunnies… or as headline grabbing as the latest cancer figures, the charity doesn’t receive the funding it deserves. Partly funded by The National Lottery, it relies on donations, a small but dedicated staff and a willing group of volunteers in order to survive. And with demand for the service increasing each year - the charity is looking to expand.

To raise vital additional funds, founder Andrea plans a challenging fund-raising event in the Carpathian Mountains of Romania for 2015. She'll trek for six days in wild and remote areas, experience harsh conditions and possibly encounter bears and wolves!

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