#MemoryBox – Cola Daze

#MemoryBox – Cola Daze

Over months and years we have come to realise that Coca-Cola is not for Stig. It’s never been a big part of our lives, it’s rarely in our fridge, but on a meal out or a special occasion the questions is always “Am I allowed a coke?”

Last Christmas I sat next to Stig at the large family dinner table of my in-laws and watched him place a can of coke to his lips, tilt it upside down vertically and empty the whole contents of the can into his mouth, in one go. The meal was excruciating for me as he fidgeted, flitted and babbled through the whole meal, unable to even concentrate on eating his food because he was just too distracted, buzzing.

So the rule is in place, for Stig there is to be no Coca-Cola, caffeine and him plus a good smattering of sugar are just not a good combination. I realise for him this is hard, it’s the king of drinks as far as kids are concerned.

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