Memories don’t come with price tag – Pt 2

Memories don’t come with price tag – Pt 2

When mum asked us to think about childhood memories, I realised that I only seem to remember the weirdest things in incredible detail, or nothing about the event at all.

Some of my most peculiar memories? – Splosh taking a photo of me taking a photo of him outside Dover castle, and this being the most hilarious thing ever. – Being really excited that Dad let me use some old caraway seeds form the cupboard while I was “cooking” in the garden, because that would obviously make mudpies completely edible. . .what can I say, I wasn’t very logical as a child. When Splosh got really into the whole skateboard/BMX thing and let me join in with him practising tricks in the garden, and I was the fool that ended up with a broken rib. Eating pate and coleslaw sandwiches in a tent in the garden with Splosh. When we went on a cycle ride and brought Eccles cakes to eat on the way home.

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