Meeting the Prime Minister - internet safety for kids discussion

Meeting the Prime Minister - internet safety for kids discussion

Last Friday Good Housekeeping Magazine invited me to participate in a discussion about Children's safety on the internet. All you have to do, they said, is head over to the House of Commons and ask the Prime Minister some questions. No biggie. I said sure, I would come along, after all I just got an opening in my calendar because the queen postpone our meeting. After going through all my clothes (what do you wear when you are heading over to a meeting at the House of Parliament?), freaking out a little, and researching the subject for half the night, I treated myself for an Orange Mocha at Starbucks (it's a known thing that Starbucks Holiday Range is good for the nerves. And the soul), and found myself walking along Victoria st. towards Big Ben, watching all the tourists and the London around me. Life is funny like this sometimes, and there is no point of time where you were to ask me if I thought I would be going to a meeting with the Prime Minister in the House of Commons and I would have said yes. And yet here I was.

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