Meeting James O'Barr

:) Hey everyone I hope you are having a good day/night wherever you are. Yesterday I went to the Collectomania Event at the Braehead Arena with Charles,first we went to the Comic Book stalls where I met James O'Barr the Author of The Crow, watching him draw one of his crow pictures was amazing the only way to describe what how I was feeling is it's like you're first date when you have butterflies and watching you're first sunset all rolled into one. Charles took a photo of me and James standing side by side I so wanted a print which he signs for you but had no money on me. We then went into the arena itself it was full of stalls with collectables on them. The queue to meet Robert Englund was too long but that didn't surprise me most people will know him as Freddie Kruegar but to me he will always be Willie fron the TV Series V. It was such an amazing day as well meeting famous people I was on date with a really nice man called Charles. We started of at the Comic Book side where I met James O'Barr Author of

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