Meet the chooks

Meet the chooks We have three chickens at Lou Messugo. I'm not sure why I haven't written about them before as we've had them for nearly a year, but I haven't so here goes. Meet Diana, Pic-Pic and Poppy! (L-R)Don't they have pretty tails? Here are their heads, popping over the lavender.I'll let you in on a secret; Diana (the white one) is acually Diana-2 as Diana-1 only lasted a week or so. Our neighbour's dog, excited by the new arrivals, got into the garden and chased the chickens off. After searching for hours we found Pic-Pic and Poppy but there was no sign of Diana. The next morning there was evidence of her demise in the form of feathers. Since then - touch wood - we've had no losses, despite seeing Mr Fox regularly, other visits from neighbouring dogs and rampaging wild boar.


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