Meet Joyce, one inspirational lady who is creating #lastingchange #IWD2014

Meet Joyce, one inspirational lady who is creating #lastingchange #IWD2014

Late last night I received this digital postcard from Penny, Annie and Tanya, AKA the Team Honk bloggers.

They are currently out in Tanzania with Sports Relief meeting women and visiting projects that have received funding from Sports Relief in the last few years. The aim of the trip is to show them how the money that we (Jo average in the UK) give is making a difference in the worlds poorest countries (as well here in the UK, there are lots of home projects too) and creating #lastingchange.

I know that many people are sceptical and they believe that money given abroad goes down the drain but from what I observed when I was in Ethiopia, this is not the case when the money goes to a country with a stable government and one interested in equipping and empowering its people. I believe Tanzania is similar to Ethiopia in it's desire to change history and to break the pattern of poverty.

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