Medical avoidance

Medical avoidance When it comes to health problems I make a very clear distinction between my own and others. I have never been on the "let's wait and see" side of things when it comes to other people's health issues. I come from a long line of hypochondriacs and self-medicating crazies who never leave the house without at least one purse filled with drugs inside their bag, and Hidai is the son of a doctor whose gift to us when Ron was born was two boxes filled to the brim with every baby medicine known to mankind. Seriously, he brought it to the hospital. And then he came around every couple of days to make sure the baby is being treated well. Also, and you might not have known that, Jews loved doctors. That is why the old joke about every Jewish mum wanting her son to be a doctor is not really a joke. We love medicine and procedures and doctors. Life isn't complete without them. My kids have both inherited their father's immune system unfortunately, so apart for a couple of times a year at the most I don't get the option to use my vast medicine cupboard.

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