Meals on The Cheap (And A Badly Thought Out Simile)…

Meals on The Cheap (And A Badly Thought Out Simile)…

I don’t profess to be a good cook.

I mostly manage not to set anything alight but that’s likely due to a reliance on crock pot ‘bung it and walk away’ methods of meal preparation.

I have a love of baked goods, a gut absolutely unable to tolerate them and an insatiable curiosity when it comes to the latest foodie fads (I’m reading up on the Paleo approach at the moment – partly because it’s grain free).

I’m also skint.

Catering to an intolerance on a restricted budget is, at first, a little daunting – until you realise that supermarkets encourage us simply to replace the convenience food that’s been slowly doing us in (whether that be gluten, dairy, egg or what-not) with more (better regulated) ‘Free From’ convenience food.

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