Meal Planning Monday

Meal Planning Monday

So this week we are hitting the Slimming World way of life once more.

The biggest thing I struggle with when trying to change the way we eat is planning, if I don’t plan everything then it all goes wrong.

So this time I thought I would get involved with the Meal Planning Monday so I have a record of what we are eating. Hopefully I shall also post the recipes that I like the most as we are trying lots of new Slimming World ones this time around.

So this week I am doing Extra Easy each day so I am able to have 2 Healthy Extras one from the A list and one from the B list, along with 5-15 syns each day. My plan is quite simple and I am actually sticking to the same breakfast and lunch each day to make it even easier.

Breakfast: Porridge with some fruit (Using my A and B Healthy Extras)

Lunch: Roasted veg, and bacon couscous with a vinegar dressing. (Free)

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