meal plan Monday 05/08

meal plan Monday 05/08

meal plan Monday 05/08 This week as my eldest is on holidays with a friend and the hubby's got late finishes, I am pretty much just cooking for me!

Little A has such a limited diet (potato products, nuggets, crisps and toast) and RJ is very fussy about trying new foods. So I thought I would experiment, for myself, from cookbooks. Knowing that RJ loves pasta I can just leave out some cooked pasta for him when adding the sauces! Simple.

So here are this weeks meals:

Pasta Primavera Potato and Sweetcorn Soup Chicken and Pasta Corned beef hash Homemade turkey nuggets and chips Roast Dinner

The recipes are from various cookbooks I have around the house, I will change them up a little, just  to suit my dietary needs.......and so I can get RJ to actually try them.

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