Meal Plan and Kitchen Towels

Meal Plan and Kitchen Towels

Hubby wrote out the meal plan this week, and then took a I don't have to type it all out. Good man.

So here is this weeks plan:

As you may see, Fri, Sat and Sun we are away!! My mum has decided we NEED a break (a sleep). So she is setting up camp at my house, for the weekend with my boys, and I shall be in a Premier Inn. Below us is a Brewers Fayre, so that's my food sorted, the boys will probably have a weekend of take out. My mum doesn't like using my cooker as it's gas and she has electric. One weekend won't hurt.

I wanted to share a review with some of my foodie friends and readers today. Before Christmas I got sent a new type of kitchen towel. I know, I know......a new type of kitchen towel? They're all the same, right?!

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